3rd Puget Sound Pagan Pride Public Meeting at Edge of the Circle Books

Post date: Mar 02, 2017 2:17:6 AM

July 23rd 1-3 pm 

If you’re looking for a more active role in this year’s Pagan Pride Celebration, then come and join us.

Bring your thinking caps and calendars. Bring friends!

We will recap, plans for the current event, do general business, talk about what assignments are available etc.…

Come be part of the community and show your solidary by continuing to educate the public, offer charity to anyone that needs hope and activism though involvement. 

The Edge to the Circle is a local shop in the Seattle Area.https://www.facebook.com/Edge-of-the-Circle-Books-Events-106285532728383/ This shop has supported our endeavor for years, we are glad to partner with them again this year. Please feel free to shop before and after.

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