Johnson Davis

Southern Regional Coordinator


phone: +1-919-283-2784

facebook: johnson.davis

blog: IllusiveShadows

Hi, my name is Johnson Davis and I am the Southern United States Regional Coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project.  Both deeply spiritual and terribly irreverent, I have followed a Pagan path for about half my life, and I am thrilled to be given this opportunity to contribute to the Pagan community.

Born in South Carolina, raised here in North Carolina, I strayed from the promised land for about 10 years, working my way up the east coast, finally settling in Maine where I fell in love and got married. Once we had spent about 5 winters in Maine, we realized it was really cold there, and there was not a single good BBQ joint.  Fifteen years ago we moved back to NC and will probably stay for a long while.

This is my sixth year as an RC, and I have been involved with the Pagan Pride Raleigh event in North Carolina for about 13 years, LC for 9 of them.  I am excited about my responsibilities with National, and hope I can help the LC's pull off the best events ever, with more attendees, more food donations, more blood donations, more press coverage, and above all, the most fun we can have with our clothes on. And seriously, keep your clothes on.  I don't want to have to tell you again.