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How do I Retrieve my Password?

Use this form to get a new password using the last email address you provided as your public contact email in your coordinator profile.

Password Reset Request Form

If you can't remember the last email address you provided as your public contact email in your coordinator profile, then check the public listing for your event, or just contact us so we can look it up for you.  Be sure to include your name, the event you coordinate, and a phone number.

How do I access LC resources?

If you are a Local Coordinator, you have access to a private area on this site.  There you will be able to maintain your event and personal profiles, plus download a wealth of information and assets to assist in running your events ... more>>

How do I send a screen shot?

Occasionally we will ask you to send over a screenshot in order to help resolve your issue. Below we list some resources to help you create and send the screenshot on your computer. If you need additional assistance, you can refer to the help files or support website … more>>

Really Long Ugly URL

This is less an issue and more just information.  Once you log in to the website, you may note the URL changes from to a really long URL that might look something like  This is done so that your interaction with the site will be protected by SSL encryption.  For the most part, you can just ignore this.  However, if you ever want to send a URL to someone else, always replace the really long and ugly "" prefix with the shorter, easier to remember "".  For example:

would become