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RSS News Feed Help

The "Subscribe to Posts" links you find on this site all link to RSS format XML feeds.  If your browser does not recognize RSS feeds, it will either display the raw XML file, or prompt you to save the file on your computer.  Neither of those actions are terribly useful.  Almost all browsers understand RSS feeds without additional plugins or extensions with the surprising exception of Google Chrome.  This screen shot shows what it looks like in Internet Explorer. Here are instructions based on the browser you use:

Google Chrome

Google Chrome, by default, does not support RSS feeds.  You will need to install an extension so that it will handle them properly. Go to Settings, Extensions, Get More Extensions and search for "RSS", or just browse to:

The first in the list is probably RSS Subscription Extension (by Google), the one offered by Google, but there are dozens to choose from.  

Other Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari all support RSS feeds by default.  If you have trouble, or are using another browser, try searching your browser name and "RSS" in Google or Bing for assistance.