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2013 Press Release

posted Jul 19, 2013, 5:59 AM by   [ updated Jul 19, 2013, 9:09 AM ]

The Pagan Pride Day Project Inc is blessed to announce our final numbers for 2012 PPD events worldwide.

PPD Inc had 95 events happen across the USA; Canada; Mexico; Brazil; Columbia; Bolivia; Argentina; Chile; Costa Rica; Panama; the Dominican Republic; Rome, Italy; Vienna, Austria; and Plymouth, United Kingdom.

Our 2012 attendance was 44,825.

We collected 27,882 pounds of nonperishable food and $2000 for local charities.

We donated 758 pounds of pet food, rescued 31 cats, donated 5 pet toys and had 2 pet adoptions at our events.

We collected 10 teddy bears for the Wisconsin State Patrol to give to children.

Our attendees donated 35 pints of blood for the Red Cross and local hospitals.

Along with all of the above we also donated clothing, books and personal items for charity.

The Pagan Pride Day Project is pleased to announce that in 2013 we have over 100 events anticipated during the Harvest festivals between August and November across the globe with events in the USA, Canada, Europe, and across Latin America.